The Most of Bangkok Escort Agencies are Known as Massage Parlours

If you are planning to go to Thailand, you should know a few interesting facts of local leisure clubs. Such an innocuous for Europeans or Americans place as massage salon can be not what you expect it to be. The latest reviews show that massage in Bangkok is a synonym to erotic escort service, and many local massage parlours offer Bangkok escorts for sexual entertainment. You probably heard about Thai massage – a deep stretching massage for the whole body from head to foot fingers. Performed by sexy Thai escort ladies it brings unforgettable sensations and often ends up with hot Asian sex.

Escort in Thailand is semi-legal, the country is widely known all over the world for its sex industry services, but the local culture doesn’t allow to call escort agencies as bordellos or houses of prostitution. Much more decent name for Thai escort saloons is massage parlour. Tourism in Thailand is very escort-oriented, means that the major part of country visitors book escort services for their private experience. One of the most popular services of Bangkok escorts is erotic Thai massage with one or a few masseurs. Such erotic practice shows that sex is not always required for getting satisfaction.